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Jesse Malthouse
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About Jesse Malthouse
I have always been in the environment of real estate and property investing. As both my Uncle and Mother are in the business of real estate sales, property and investments. 
Moving from Melbourne, Victoria, we have been loving Noosa for the past 16 years. 
Most profiles will tell you how much they love the properties and all of the houses that are in the area, but for myself it's more than the property, it's the people & relationships.
 I believe the secret to living a rich and successful life is to be able Give MORE than you receive. 
The people come first. Coming from hospitality background, I joined forces with the Biggest Charities across Australia to create a large client base to help support local and nation-wide charities. Having lived in Noosa the past 16 years, I previously lived in Melbourne, Geelong and Torquay. I honestly believe Noosa is one of the greatest places to live. Which is why hundreds of people move here each year & stay! If you want a happy & positive result with an agent that cares. Give us a call. 0431 761 644.